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My goal for the whole unit was for students to better understand the elements of literature. That means that all students were hopefully going to gain some knowledge during the unit. All students in fourth period English achieved the goal set for them; each improved their knowledge of elements in short fiction. My data shows that all student scores improved from the pre-test to the post-test. All students improved at least two points. Each question was based on a standard and therefore students likely gained more knowledge on at least two standards through this unit.

My main strengths through this unit were that I used a variety of methods and techniques to present the material to the students. I tried to use as many outlets to teach the material as possible. I used visual aids, oral stories, and student connection to the topic. I also tried to make the material as relevant as possible to students. I use various examples that relate to their background. One of my other strengths through this unit was the use of various pieces of literature. Students have many likes and dislikes. I tried to choose a variety of literature based on students like and dislikes. I also encouraged students to make connections to the reading like when they have had a similar experience or similar feelings about a subject. These were helpful at keeping student engaged and involved with the reading.

Some areas I can work on are presentation of materials. I have been evaluated on a few occasions and my tone and voice have been mentioned. Just like people, students are engaged more when they feel like you are having a conversation with them rather than lecturing over them. I need to make my teaching more conversational than lecturing so that students will be able to following along better and comprehend more of the material the first time it is explained. I also need to work on the examples I give for students. I am always working to find newer and better ways to present material, ways that students will connect with and relate to. This is an ongoing battle as students lives in and out of school are often very different from my own.

Throughout my day, I was constantly changing my lessons in between classes. I consistently noticed that students in fourth period did not have some of the background knowledge that other classes had. I had to change my examples, my questions and my starting point in most lessons. Students needed more build up to the lesson than other classes. This was actually useful as another one of my classes also needed the build up to begin the lesson. It was also necessary for me to do more task analysis during my lessons with this class than my others. Many of my students are not intuitive learners, yet fully capable students.

The two greatest barriers to learning in this class were outside factors and time. The students in this class come from a wide variety of home situations and backgrounds. Many came to school with more worries about life and current situations than about learning. This caused various behavior issues and some attention problems. However, these students grew more and more comfortable in the classroom as time went on. This allowed them to be more focused on what was happening in the classroom than what was going on outside of it. Time was also an issue. These students often needed more time to understand the skill they were learning and more time to read and practice the skill. This often meant that students often started at a different place in the work the following day. Yet, all of the material was covered with the students and they seemed to gain crucial knowledge and skills for comprehending, reading and analyzing literature.



Psalm 127:3

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.


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