Educational Philosophy Paper

††††††††††† Kids are twenty-five percent of our population and one hundred percent of our future.I hope to influence the children I teach by educating in all areas of life.I plan to teach students by utilizing a variety of different strategies, methods, learning styles, and multiple intelligences according to academic standards creating a positive environment to meet studentsí social needs too.†† My philosophical orientation is a blend of Progressivism, Reconstructionism, and Essentialism.I agree with the Progressivist view that children are more important than the subject matter.Thinking, feeling, and doing should be incorporated in daily activities.As educators we need to help children set their own personal and social standards for life.The concept from Reconstructionism that I most align with is the idea that we need to try to change society by teaching our children how to make good decisions and looking at all possibilities and solutions that can occur in life.Essentialist ideas involving intellectual and moral standards are what kids should be taught today are essential.I like how these views connect necessary knowledge and skills that need to be taught in education.

††††††††† As a teacher I must incorporate feelings, thoughts, and initiative into the classroom.The Progressivist view involves focusing on the students, making them feel important knowing that when the students are not part of the classroom, it is not complete.I am responsible for boosting self-esteem, self-worth, and showing students they are loved for who they are. Helping students set personal and social goals and standards to follow throughout life.†† Students need to be willing to work at solving problems showing how to be open-minded to different solutions and other peopleís opinions and learning from their own experiences.††††

††††††††† In the classroom studentsí should demonstrate flexibility when a change occurs in the schedule by being open to doing and trying different types of activities. Students should have the ability to cooperate, listen, and work with other students and teacher.††† In the Reconstructionism view, my responsibility was showing students the proper way to handle situations trying to find a solution.If a proper solution is not reached fitting the situation, then students must be taught how to make a compromise that will satisfy both parties. Succeeding at these students can contribute to changing society, which I believe is crucial to todayís world. In the classroom I would like the students to demonstrate the characteristics of being eager, loving, caring, and sharing students who want to learn and make a difference, while following the life-long guidelines and life skills.

††††††††† According to the Essentialism perspective I will guide students in what is right from wrong teaching there are limits and boundaries.It is my responsibility to show students how to treat others by following the golden rule demonstrating to the students that having a set of standards, rules, and beliefs of their own to follow when facing problems in the world or dealing with people.I will teach the students that if you play the game of life, then they will have to pay the price for the good and bad decisions that are made.

††††††††† I will create a positive environment that will be interactive, attractive, interesting, and home-like so the students enjoy being there.I want the students to consider the classroom as a showcase of their learning, and a place to practice necessities needed in life showing how to love, care, share, and work with each other.

††††††††† Parents must be involved in school so making exceptions to the rules so parents can be in the classroom plus their studentís educational career.Parents play a big role in my philosophical views of education.They are the ones who need to help enforce the lessons and guidelines being taught in school at home making students successful in changing society.

††††††††† Classroom management is essential to making the classroom flow smoothly by having a plan for students to follow.If students choose not to flow the plan then the students will be held accountable for their actions.When the behavior continues to reoccur then I will guide students in changing the behavior.

††††††††† Being a teacher can be a strenuous activity but extremely rewarding by seeing the growth of students knowledge.I believe that Progressivism, Reconstructionism, and Esssentialism will be a vital part of my educational career.These three philosophies mention that students are a crucial part of the classroom and the education field.I think everyone needs to realize that teaching is a masterpiece in the working with changes and situations occurring on a daily basis.The teacherís job is to help mold, make, and shape the masterpieceís to be the best they can be.